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Altus Head Joint

Each Altus flute comes with the head joint of your choice. Altus head joints are also available for separate purchase. They are available in three styles, Classic, Z or V cut.


Classic- This head joint provides vibrant warmth with excellent projection. The pure tonal center allows for great flexibility within an infinite color palate.


Z Cut- With a more rectangular embouchure hole, this head joint is free blowing and responsive without sacrificing control.


*Options for Atsui Plating 18K Available.


Altus HJ-807

Plated with sterling lip/riser. Classic Cut Only


Altus HJ-925

Sterling .925 Silver


Altus HJ-958

.958 Britannia Silver


Options for models 1207 - 1507
(Add to price)

.40 Wall Add

.43 Wall Add



Altus HJ-1607

.958 Seamed Tube


Altus HJ-1707

.997 PS Tube


Altus HJ-1807

.946 AL Seamed Tube


Options for all silver tube models
(Add to price)

14K Riser Add

14K Lip/Riser Add



Options for all ATSUI Plating
(Add to price)

18K Clad Add

Platinum Clad Add



Altus HJ-14K

14K Gold

Call for Price


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