Gemeinhardt Alto Flute

Key of G

Gemeinhardt 11A

Silver plated, solid silver lip and riser, straight head


Gemeinhardt 11AC

Same as above with curved head


Gemeinhardt 11ACD

Same as above with curved and straight


Gemeinhardt 11ASH

Solid silver head, plated body


Gemeinhardt 11ASHC

Same as 11ASH with curved head


Gemeinhardt 11ASHCD

Solid silver, straight and curved head joints, with silver plated curved elbow and silver plated body


Gemeinhardt 11AS

Solid silver head, body & foot, silver plated keys


Gemeinhardt 11ASCH

Same as 1AS with curved head


Gemeinhardt 11ASCD

Solid silver head, body & foot, silver plated curved elbow, silver plated keys


Gemeinhardt Bass Flute

Key of C

Gemeinhardt 21BSP

Silver plated head, body, foot & keys, D and D# trill keys, pointed cups arms, hidden adjusting screws



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