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Gemeinhardt Flutes

World known for their durability and performance!!!

Student Flutes

Gemeinhardt 2SP

Silver plated


Gemeinhardt 2SPCH

Straight and curved heads


Gemeinhardt 3/3O

Open hole, silver plated


Gemeinhardt 3B/3OB

Same as above with B foot


Conservatory Flutes

Gemeinhardt 2SH

Silver head, silver plated body, closed hole


Gemeinhardt 3SHB/3OSHB

Solid silver head, plated body, B foot


Gemeinhardt 3OSBNG

New Shaped Lip NG1 Silver head, sterling silver body, B foot, and silver plated new style open hole keys.


Hand Crafted Flutes

Gemeinhardt 33SB/33OSB

Hand crafted flute, silver head, thin wall, silver body & B foot, open hole, silver plated pointed arm key mechanism, white gold springs


Gemeinhardt 33SSB/33OSSB

Hand crafted flute, solid silver head, thin wall, solid silver body, B foot, solid silver open hole pointed key cups, white gold springs


Options Available

Call for prices

Split E mechanism

Gold plated lip plate

Solid gold lip plate

Gold plated crown

Engraved lip plate

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