Flute Trial Policy

With a flute trial, you'll be able to compare side by side your favorite flute brands before you buy.  We ensure that our flutes will be in excellent playing condition. However, there are certain requirements and procedures that have to be met before an instrument can be sent. Please make every effort to keep the instrument (s) clean and scratch-free. Remove all rings and jewelry. Please only clean the flutes with the rag provided and swab the inside with your own flute swab after playing each time. Do not use the new polishing cloths and swabs in with the flutes until you purchase the instrument. Please enjoy your trial!


Below is our flute trial policy.


• We provide flute trials for 5-7 days for USA only.

• Maximum of 3 flutes or a $50,000 flute(s) value in each box (for insurance purpose).

• Trials must be requested via phone or email.

• Customer is responsible for the payment of the shipping to and from our location.

• A valid credit card is required to place a hold.

• Valid shipping address required (No P.O. Boxes).

• Shipping will be charged to card provided once all flutes are shipped.

• A signature is required for all packages.

• Customer is responsible of contacting Sherry Lee by email or phone by the 5th day of the trial with the final decision.

• Failure to contact Sherry Lee by the 5th day of the trial, the customer acknowledges that the flutes are in a final sale and full amount of all flutes on trial will be charge to the card.

• Once the shipment is signed for at the destination address the customer is wholly responsible for the inventory in their possession. Customer is liable for any loss or damage to the flute while in their possession. We recommend handling the flutes with no rings, and with extreme care.

• The customer may be charged an amount, up to the full value of the instrument for any damages, scratching, or marks upon the return of the flute(s) on trial.

• If the flute (s) are returned with scratches and the full value is not charged, a 20% restocking fee will be charged. Please take careful care of the flute(s) while in your possession.

• Flutes must be cleaned with the polishing cloth provided to wipe down finger prints and swabbed with your own swab. Please remember to only wipe down vertically up and down the flute, not around the barrel. If flutes are returned unclean and with fingerprints, they will incur a charge of $50 per flute. Fingerprints can cause tarnish on the flutes and it can take a long time to remove. Remember  also to not wear rings while testing instruments until the instruments are purchased.

• Flutes must be returned in the same condition as it was shipped with all additional items in the shipping box (including the polishing cloth, swabs, plugs, etc.)

• Sherry ensures that every flute that leaves for a flute trial is in excellent condition passing through our Flute Trial Inspection Checklist before packaging.

• Upon receiving the flute(s), Sherry Lee will inspect for damaged keys, broken pads, dents, scratches, etc., and any found will be subject to a charge.

• With the purchase of a flute on your trial, we will credit the cost of the shipping of one flute from your flute purchase. We do not pay for shipping of multiple flutes but offer free shipping on the purchase of a flute.

• We do not provide flute trials outside the USA.

• PLEASE keep all instruments clean, scratch and dent free, and in new conditions.

• These instructions will be included in all flute trials

• Our insurance covers overnight shipping only, so all instruments shipped back are to be shipped the same as when sent. Overnight UPS or Express mail one day service by USPS.  (That can be a one or two day delivery at USPS).

• Special order merchandise is non-returnable.

• Instrument merchandise (including used or new flutes, piccolo’s, alto flutes, bass flutes, head joints, foot joints, crowns) may not be returned once purchased, so be sure to check out our flute trial option when shopping for an instrument.

• Damage in shipment is very rare but can happen.  If there is damage to the package upon arrival have the delivery person note the possible damage.  Then if the items inside are damaged, save all packing and materials and you must contact us right away. Do not send the package back to us. The shipping company needs to see the package for insurance to be claimed.  Please call us immediately at 970-242-9364970-242-9364. We cannot be responsible for items damaged in transit where the damage has not been documented to the shipping company by the customer. Shipping companies require notification of damage immediately, so please check the condition of your merchandise before you accept it.

• No refunds are accepted without prior authorization by Sherry Lee.  No refunds are accepted after 10 days in your possession.

• We offer a one year manufacturer’s warranty on every new instrument we sell. In addition, Sherry Lee provides a warranty for the pads, felts, and corks for one year, except for damage due to misuse, abuse or malicious damage.  All new instruments have to pass our stringent internal inspections prior to delivery. All new instruments have been tested and carefully examined by a professional flute tech before delivery.  Our professional repair staff closely examines every instrument to catch any manufacturing problems before the instrument reaches you.  Please note that the Manufacturer’s warranty and that offered by Sherry Lee may be voided on an instrument modified, adjusted, or repaired without authorization from Sherry Lee.

• We strive to give our customers the lowest price possible with the highest level of customer service and support possible.  That said due to conditions beyond our control we cannot guarantee the stability of the prices advertised on this site.  Prices are subject to change without notice.  If you find an instrument which we sell being sold cheaper someplace else, please contact us so we may continue to offer competitive pricing to our customers.

How do I handle the flutes during the flute trial?

• Flutes must be handled with extreme care and must be kept in new condition.

• Flutes should only be played in the location shipped to, and in-front of your teachers, or at your teacher's studio. They should not be played in public, or concerts.

• Do not wear any rings or jewelry while playing.

• After playing it, make sure to wipe down the flute with the polishing cloth provided and cleaned inside with your own swab. When wiping fingerprints off flutes, only wipe vertically, up and down the flute, not around the barrel.

• Do not lay flute on a hard surface after playing it; please use a soft cloth during the trial period to lay the flutes on.

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• FREE shipping with a purchase of a new flute.


Flute Trial Shipping

• Shipment of multiple flutes for trials will be paid by the customer, along with the return shipping for the flutes not purchased.

• Shipping cost will vary on location and how we ship.

• We ship Express Mail or 1-2 Day UPS. We do not ship ground.

• Shipping is charged once flute trial is shipped.

• Signature required on shipping.

All items not purchased must be returned including plugs, swabs, polishing cloths, cleaning rods, and instruments wiped down and in the same condition as received, otherwise additional charges will be incurred. (See trial policy for additional information)


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Sales Tax

Sales tax is charged only on orders shipped to locations within the state of Colorado. Colorado state laws require that we charge sales tax on the full amount of the sale.


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