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C flute with both C and B foots, in-line, all sterling silver, French cups, plays great, new clean oil and adjustment.


Altus #0708

Offset, split E, silver head, foot and body. Plated keys. PLAYS GREAT!!!


Price Reduced!

Altus 1107


C# trill, gold lip & riser, in-line.


Altus 1507

Sterling Silver throughout, B-foot, 16 wall, rolled tone holes, in-line, mint condition


Artley Wilkins



All sterling silver .016 tubing, with a millennium mechanism, drawn tone holes, C# trill, D# roller, modified Cooper head joint with 14K riser, and .014 tubing


Sterling silver throughout. In-line, B-foot with gizmo, C# trill, handmade, Brogger Mekanik. Straubinger pads and soldered tone holes.

Brannen 1510


Reduced Price

Offset G, B foot, drawn tone holes, sterling silver head joint, plated body and mechanism


Di Zhao 400

Off-set, C# trill keys, B-foot, solid sterling, 22K Yellow Gold lip, plate and riser.


Priced Reduced!

FluteMakers Guild of London 328

14K Riser, in-line, B-foot

Call for Price

Haynes Deveau 50721

Off-set G, D# roller, silver body, 14K head joint


Jack Moore #354

Anniversary Model. Excellent condition. Straubinger pads. Offset.




8K gold body, 9K head joint. Drawn tone holes, silver mechanism, straubinger pads, B-foot, In-line. Engraved lip




Soldered tone holes, C# trill. Drelinger head joint.




All silver, in-line, B foot, new overhaul


Muramatsu 05451

New Pads. All silver.



In line G, B foot, drawn tone holes, 14K riser, silver body, head and foot





All sterling silver, in line.


Powell Signature 1427

All silver, winged head joint, in-line, B-foot, new COA


Sankyo Prima


White Gold body, 14K rose gold rings, soldered tone holes, 14K rose gold head joint, C# trill, D# roller, in-line, French Keys, special C# Key Lever, B-foot with gizmo





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