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Dr. Alex Still

Dr. Alexa Still

World Renown Flutist;
Professor at Oberlin Conservatory

"Sherry is one of the very few people I trust my flute with. Sherry does excellent work and really cares. I cannot recommend her highly enough."

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Greg Pattillo


Beatbox Flutist/PROJECT Trio

"I must say my flute is in beautiful shape (probably the best shape it has been in the past decade) and I really wanted to thank you again."

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Dr. Nicole Riner

Dr. Nicole Riner

Professor at University of Wyoming

"I have trusted Sherry for a decade with my flute; she is the only person I ever want to repair it! And now I am also thrilled to be buying equipment from her and referring my students when they need new instruments. She takes care to make sure every instrument she sends out is in perfect condition and that we have everything we need to make the best decision. Sherry is not only an artist in the repair shop, she is also a great consultant. Thank you for your dedication, Sherry."

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Patricia George


Internationally Known Flutist

"The flute plays great, I should have sent it sooner."

Lisa Byrnes


Utah Symphony Orchestra

"I just wanted to write and tell you how happy I have been with my flute. Your time and effort on the adjustments have really made a difference in how it's playing and sounding. I had an important performance last week, and my flute felt great! It seems to be projecting in the hall really well. I'm so happy. Thank you!"

Phyllis Louke


Altus Artist and Principal Flute with Oregon Pro Arte Chamber Orchestra and Oregon Symphonic Band

"It’s Sparkly!! Thanks so much Sherry!"

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Dr. John Bailey


University of Nebraska

"The flute is playing great. Thank you Sherry."

Catherine Peterson


Colorado Symphony

"I am so happy with the job you did on my flute."

Dr. Sasha Garver


Private Teacher, New Mexico

"My flute plays wonderful. Thank you so much Sherry."

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Rachel DiMartino


Colorado Symphony

"We got the flute yesterday. It sounds fantastic!"

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Dr. Douglas A. Owens


Fort Lewis College

"You did such an amazing job with the overhaul on my flute."

Frances Shelly


Professor of Flute, Wichita State University

"My flute arrived this afternoon. It is perfect! You know the old story about the Maytag repairman, how he never got any work? Well, you did such a fantastic job on my flute it has stayed in adjustment longer than any flute I have ever played. A testament to your fine work and also the reason you haven’t heard from me."

Dr. Tracey Schmidt

Bloomburg University, PA

"You are the only one who touches my flute. Thank you for all your hard work."

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Dana Carrol

Salt Lake City

"I am absolutely delighted with the instrument, and very grateful to you for making it available to me."

Sharon Burrall

Little Rock Wind Symphony Musicians

"Wow! My flute sounds great. In fact, I think it sounds better than it did when it came back from Powell last time."

Christine Lanza

Valencia, CA

"The overhaul you did on my flute is beautiful."

Jean Madsen

"We got our flute yesterday. It plays like a dream! I love the popping of the Straubingers! Thanks very much!"

Elizabeth Crawford

"Flute arrived on schedule this afternoon--perfect condition! It sounds fantastic. Thank you!"

Sarah Jackson

"Hi Sherry. I received my flute. It is always such a treat to play after I get it back from you. It plays wonderfully."

Laura Kerr

 "I can’t believe it is the same instrument! I don’t think it has ever played this well, your work is exceptional! Thank you"

Shari Adams

"What a difference in the response, and it plays brilliantly. Thanks for the wonderful work you do."

Ellen Beckerman

"Thank you so much for your care and diligence in helping me acquire the Pearl Alto. It is lovely and I am very pleased."

Randy Cain

"Fantastic job on the overhaul Sherry!! The low B literally POPS! The old Flutemakers Guild looks great too. I have already thanked Charles Wyatt for the recommendation. You might say, I’m happy"

Catherine Ramirez

"My flute has never sounded better! On the radio the other day, I heard that a bone that sets and heals properly is stronger than a bone that has never been broken. Even though it didn't look broken after falling, my flute was broken on the inside. You've set and healed it properly :) Thank you so much for your incredible repair!"

Daniel Shineberg

"I LOVE them, this is such a wonderful comfort to have right now! Thank you for all your hard work!"


"Hi Sherry, I just wanted to say that the flute is superb, after trying it out, it feels better, looks better, and plays better than my old Pearl. Many notes come out much clearer and with less effort. Your adjustments made it perfect, and I think I won't be "tinkering" with it for quite a while. Thanks again for your service."

Candy Chang

"Thanks so much for all the work you've done. The flute plays beautifully and the work is amazing. Thank you for getting it back to me so soon. I really do appreciate it!"

Stanley Bruns

"I am very, very happy! I appreciate all the work you have done to correct the condition of my flute, and I appreciate your updating me on progress along the way. "

Rochelle Mann

"My flute arrived last night, and it plays beautifully! Thank you so much for your fine work -- I really appreciate the time and care you spent restoring it to its full potential."

Jessica Quiñones

"Just to let u know that the flute arrived today, thank you so much for such a professional and speedy service! Had a play, it sounds fantastic, and the key action so smooth!"

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