Powell Conservatory Silver Flutes


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Powell Flutes


Handmade Conservatory Flute are available in Sterling Silver (.016″ and 0.18″ tubing). The Conservatory is one of the most celebrated and well-loved flutes made by Powell.Handmade Conservatory flutes feature a sterling silver pinless mechanism, the Modern Powell scale, drawn tone holes, 10K white gold springs, a matching Handmade Custom headjoint and standard professional options.

**In-line G, and C foot available upon request. 

Choice of Headjoint:

Philharmonic – The Philharmonic has a relatively broad, flat lip plate. Articulation is crisp and clean, and the style produces a deep, rich tone with a broad dynamic range.

Soloist – The strength and flexibility of this head joint allows the player to fill a hall or perform the quietest passages easily, with complete command. The slightly curved lip plate offers quick articulation and a full range of colors.

Venti – The Venti was developed by Mr. Paul Edmund-Davies to mirror his experience of signing in a cathedral choir. This head joint has excellent depth of sound through all three octaves, and a very resonant and free third octave.

Lumina- The Lumina has style and panache. Supple yet responsive, it moves quickly throughout the range with little effort. This headjoint’s clean and energetic sound is the perfect complement to our more classic styles.

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Powell Flutes

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 9 × 9 in

Sterling Silver (.016" tubing), Sterling Silver (.018" tubing)

Headjoint Cut

Philharmonic, Soloist, Venti, Lumina


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