A repair person you can trust

If you're looking for a repair person, you just landed in the right place. With have over 45 years of experience in repairing all brands and ages of flutes, our expert repairmen are Muramatsu and Straubinger Certified. We repair wood flutes and restore antique flutes.

All non-listed repairs are charged $95 per hour. Please call or email in advance to schedule repairs. If you have any questions on terminology see at bottom of page. We're normally booked up 6 weeks in advanced.

Appraisals are $75 and must be paid upfront before they can be mailed or emailed. But if you purchased your flute from me, it is a Free Appraisal.

I guarantee my work!!

**Minor adjustments by Quote**

** Modifications Availab


Repair Prices

Prices subject to change without notice. Prices may vary on according to the condition of the instrument. Prices above does not include shipping or insurance charges. If the instrument is extra tarnished, there can be an additional cleaning cost. Repairs are completed on a first come, first serve basis. If you have any questions don't hesitate to give us a call or email.

Repair Terms

ADJUSTING SCREW -  a small screw that causes two keys to move together in combination to create a specific note.

CLEAN, OIL, ADJUST – Also referred to as a COA, it’s the annual maintenance performed on the instrument. Includes cleaning, oiling, hand polishing on the instrument and mechanism to remove tarnish, head joint cork replacement, adjustments, removal of lost motions, leak detection and pad replacement as necessary.

LEAK – happens between the tone hole and the pad where air is escaping creating a slight change in the tamber or/color of the note. It can make the entire instrument not playable, depending on how big and how many leaks  you have.

LOST MOTION – happens when you press a key and it doesn't engage the next adjusted key right way and it feels like a bump when you depress the key.

OVERHAUL - all pins are pulled, flute is hand cleaned to remove tarnish, new oil is put in, corks, felts, & pads are replaced. Pads are shimmed to remove leaks & flute is adjusted to play. Dents are removed by quote.

SHIM –  a small washer made from plastic or paper that it’s put between the pad and the key to help seal them to the tone hole.

CLICKS- usually metal to metal and you're missing a cork, VERY noisy when playing the flute.