Haynes Q Series Flute, Q1 and Q2 Models



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Haynes Flutes

Q1. The Q1 flute, as the entry-level Haynes Q model, allows intermediate players or talented hobbyists to get that signature rich, full Haynes sound and even timbre without exceeding a smaller budget. The Q1’s body and foot joint are constructed with silver-plated nickel-silver tubing, resulting in a lighter sound and response. As with all Q models, it features a sterling silver Haynes Classic head joint. Off-set G

Q2 . The Q2 flute upgrades the Q1’s silver-plated body and foot joint to full sterling silver tubing, deepening the sound and increasing responsiveness across registers. The mechanism, ribs, and posts remain silver-plated nickel silver. Off-set G



Haynes Flutes
Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 9 × 9 in

Q1, Q2


C-Foot, B-Foot


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