Powell Custom Flutes



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Powell Flutes

Hand made custom flute with Sterling mechanism, soldered tone holes, B-Foot, Offset G, pinless mechanism, standard A-442 pitch, open hole.

**Lip plate engraving, In-line G, and C foot, A440 Pitch , A444 Pitch available upon request.

Choice of Headjoint:

Philharmonic – The Philharmonic has a relatively broad, flat lip plate. Articulation is crisp and clean, and the style produces a deep, rich tone with a broad dynamic range.

Soloist – The strength and flexibility of this head joint allows the player to fill a hall or perform the quietest passages easily, with complete command. The slightly curved lip plate offers quick articulation and a full range of colors.

Venti – The Venti was developed by Mr. Paul Edmund-Davies to mirror his experience of signing in a cathedral choir. This head joint has excellent depth of sound through all three octaves, and a very resonant and free third octave.

Signature – The Signature uses the lip plate of the Soloist style in combination with a specially designed wall to produce a relatively free blowing head joint with the “Powell Sound.”



Powell Flutes
Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 9 × 9 in

Sterling Silver, Aurumite14K, Ruby Aurumite, 9KRose Gold, 10K Yellow Gold, 14k Rose Gold, 14K White Gold, 18K Rose Gold, 19.5K Rose Gold, Platinum

Head Joint Cut

Philharmonic, Solist, Venti, Lumina


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